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Vantage Solutions combines best in class pool of pre-vetted developers and testers with easy to scale resourcing model to unlock the true potential of remote staff augmentation in front-end, back-end and mobile application development, including quality assurance.


You describe your objectives, technical and candidate requirements


We shortlist the most qualified profile(s) within 48 hours


You conduct an interview with the pre-vetted candidate(s) 


We help you onboard the resource and provide continuous support

Back-end developer

With a team of talented developers who aim to create value for your business, we offer you the opportunity to hire our top dedicated Back-end developers, to help with back-end development for your mobile app, front-end app, custom development, api development and integration, or back-end refactoring.

Tools and Technologies

  • Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Mongo
  • Web Servers: Apache, Tomcat, IIS
  • Queuing: RabbitMQ
  • PM and Communication: JIRA, Slack, Azure DevOps
  • Tools: TeamCity, Octopus, Nunit, Apigee
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
  • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Wicket, .Net core, Entity Framework, LINQ, MVC, WebAPI
  • CI&CD / DevOps: Docker, Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure DevOps Server (TFS)
  • Version control: Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github
  • Integration/Data formats: CSV, XML, XSL FO, JSON, SOAP, Rest
  • Methodologies: SCRUM, KANBAN
  • Other: OpenESB, Activity BPM

Front-end developer

With innovative solutions to your business challenges, we have a team of remote Front-end Developers to provide you with the opportunity to hire from the world’s top dedicated front-end developers who strive to make solutions that add value to your business.

Tools and Technologies

  • HTML5/CSS3

  • Sketch

  • XD

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • RESTful API

  • W3C Standard & Cross-browser

  • Parallax, Bootstrap

  • Responsive Web

  • Landing pages

  • Material design

Our Front-end developer can help you with

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Custom Web App Development
  • CMS Design and Development
  • Front-end Optimization
  • Cross-Browser/Device Compatibility Web Programming
  • Landing Pages Web & Mobile Design
  • Brochure Website Builders & CMS
  • Crowdfunding Website Builders & CMS
  • Inventory Website Builders & CMS
  • Wiki/Knowledge Website Builders & CMS

Mobile Application developer

We have a team of talented mobile developers who have developed innovative solutions to companies’ business problems using the latest technology. It is our mission to offer you the opportunity to hire from the best dedicated Mobile App developers that aim to craft solutions that will add value to your business.

iOS Developers

Android Developers

Flutter Developers

Tools and Technologies

  • Languages: Swift, Objective C, Dart, Kotlin
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Mongo
  • Markets/Tools: Testflight, Appstore Connect, Play Market
  • Scripting: JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML/DHTML
  • Frameworks: Core Data Frameworks, Cocoa Touch, Android SDK
  • Version control: Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github
  • Integration/Data formats: CSV, XML, XSL FO, JSON, SOAP, Rest
  • Methodologies: SCRUM, KANBAN
  • Others: Push notifications, UIKit, MVVM design patters, Apple Design Guidelines, App Store publishing, Apple Watch, Android Design Guidelines, PlayMarket publishing, LiveData, Coroutines

Software Quality Assurance

We have a team of highly skilled and certified QA engineers that can help you solve any problem in your software system or business application to secure highest quality and accessibility in its operational environment. We have the set of tools and techniques to thoroughly test and validate your product and deliver hi-end QA services, while your team can focus on other business critical activities.

Mobile Application Testing

Web Application Testing

Desktop Application Testing

Tools and Technologies

  • Tools: Jira, Testrail, Xray, Zephyr, Postman, Browserstack
  • Markets/Tools: Testflight, Appstore Connect, Play Market
  • Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Scripting: JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML/DHTML
  • Version control: Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github
  • Integration/Data formats: CSV, XML, XSL FO, JSON, SOAP, Rest
  • Methodologies: SCRUM, KANBAN, CI/CD
  • Networking: TCP/IP, UDP
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android,
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, Safari

DevOps Engineering

If you need DevOps solutions and services to help you save time and money, and you are interested in agility, automation, continuity, and governance, you can rely on us for DevOps best practices, including cloud integration, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), GitOps, containerization, and more.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Our DevOps solutions and services automate product tests, deployments, and code management for clients throughout the SDLC to shorten release lifecycle and mean time to repair, and ensure effortless deployment.

Approaches in CI/CD DevOps Services

  • Build config as a code
  • Employ disposable and ephemeral agents
  • Prevent downtime during releases
  • Separate CI and CD
  • Manage artifacts

Frameworks and tools in CI/CD DevOps Services

  • Scalable CI
  • Seamless decomposition and parallel running
  • Automatic code review and reporting
  • Cloud-agnostic tools (including Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, TravisCI, Concourse, GitLab CI, and Bitbucket Pipelines)
  • Cloud-native tools (including AWS CodePipeline, Google Cloud Build, and Azure DevOps)

Automated Testing

We offer DevOps services and enable automated testing in product development to perform automated release checks, provide consistent and reliable feedback, ensure 24/7 system availability and achieve the acceleration of the system's release cycle.

Approaches in Automated Testing

  • Unit, Integration, Functional
  • Web, API, mobile, and microservices
  • TDD, BDD, and DDT
  • Smoke and regression testing
  • Benchmark testing, HA testing, and performance testing
  • Parallel, scalable testing

Frameworks and tools in Automated Testing

  • Automation adoption and process changes
  • JMeter, Artillery, Tsung, and Gatling
  • Selenium, Appium, Saucelab, and Browserstack
  • Test Complete and QTP

Infrastructure Management

Automated provisioning of environments, alerting programs, and auto-scaling are some elements of infrastructure management. These processes are crucial for product success. Monitoring and alerting tools help maintain a healthy workflow and eliminate many critical problems at the source to ensure environment consistency, provide testability, and shorten SDLC.

Approaches in Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Alerting & Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning

Infrastructure Management tools, frameworks and technologies

  • Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM Templates, and GCP Deployment Manager
  • AWS ECS, EKS, Azure AKS, and Nomad
  • Docker, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible
  • Prometheus, ELK, Grafana, Zabbix, DataDog, Splunk, and Fluend
  • AppsDynamics, and NewRelic
  • AutoScaling and Blue/Green deployments

Why hire a remote engineer or specialist?

  • Improve cost efficiency – Up to 55% salary savings over local talent

  • Concentrate on core business – We take care of all your onboarding needs, like payroll, IT, or administrative support

  • Accelerate time to market – Our pre-vetted pool of senior candidates available to you for hiring within 48 hours

  • Diminish technical debt – We not only have highly skilled talents but also increased employee retention

  • Rapid adaptation to change – We enable a diverse, inclusive workplace regardless of social or geographic boundaries

  • Streamline and industrialize business processes – Our IT support available 24×7 for smooth operation

  • Comply with regulatory requirements – We follow the EU & US data protection & compliance standards, keeping data safe and secure

  • Take steps to manage risk – No recruitment fees. No hiring obligation after interview. Easy cancellation or change of candidate


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